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Double Barley Brewing would like to thank it’s founders as we would not be here without their support.  We are excited to share in this venture with our friends and family and look forward to growing together.  We love you all!


Ben and Fran Lane Lynda Lane
Emma and Dan Davis Carol Munro
Phil and Barb Ritchie Cole and Tracy Hankins
Steve and Pamela Lane Jerry and Cathy Marraccini
Janet and Francis Simpson Tom and Kelley Brna
Jim and Debby Aalto Andrew and Pam Stich
Richard and Colleen Stich

Kick Starters:  Final Numbers:  $26,465 with 126 backers

Cole and Tracy Hankins Emma and Dan Davis Mike and Pam Edwards
Loren and Christine Standley Marisa and Kelly White Travis and Kendra Culbertson
Chris and Kim Kozlowski Brian LaShown Patty and Brian Gaddis
Michelle Brown Sid Stafford Elizabeth Mink
Paul Cooper Susan and Steve McIlnay Meredith Hankins
Karen and Patrick Anderson Toby Williamson Rhonda Butler
Steven Stark Ann and Steve Cone Scott and Susan Coombs
Erik and Marie Aalto Jim and Debby Aalto Cindy Kisamore
Jesse Jenkins Crystal and Ron Ragland Jennifer Bafford
Brian Stevens Pat Whitley Bob Shaff
Nathan Edwards Kirk and Jennifer Russell Maggie MacDonald
Penny and Craig Welch Grant Merkel Patti McLamb and Travis Creed
Ken and Suzanne Weigand Karen and Robert Fletcher Francis and Janet Simpson
Kevin Pait Caitlin Clinard Lars and Nina Schmidt
Joel Keefer Ron Gabriel Lisa Parrish
Jason Hill Erin Bergstrom Andy and Wendy Kauffman
Hunter McDermott Alana and Tom Gerdes Julie Guy
Todd Luckadoo George Brady Scott Bass
Belinda Baker Gordon and Robin Harris Garen Artinian
Gerry Shear Cheryl and Tom Andres Eileen and Tim Patrick
Samara Gertner Jennifer Spear Dawn and Greg Turrone
Karl Wallin Faith and John Roppelt Nate and Gena Schultheis
Jim and Joan Rose Jackie Scott Jason and Kara Hardy
Tim and Carolyn Kay Deanna Janus Jeff Carver
Jamie Kaye Mitzie Litton Erin and Brian DiDiano
Kevin Holmes Spence Anderson Matt Lombardi
Danny and Margie Watkins Lesley Jones Alex and Michelle Atchison
Rick Peele Bruce Cup Choy Penny and John Higgins
Mark Kirby Todd Meyer Scott and April Charlton
Bill and Loretta Powell Wendy Campbell John Barnes
Daniel Gardner Paul Bock Craig and Jennifer Simpson
Penny Austin Moye Ed and Dawn Harr Martin Barletta
Pem Hawkins Alan Patricio Peter Clark
Pam and Mike Grundman Kathy and Kevin Doser Kristie and Patrik Nystedt
Vanessa Williams Phil and Dawn Larson Jeff Synder
Sparkky and Helen Pavelsky Samantha Long Jim and Jeanne Tedrow
Kelly Sharp Bianca Goo Edward Batista
Bob and Susan Daly Renee and Cyrus Collier Kyle Baker
Margherita Scott Joey and Kim Mathis Marina Smeeton
Joanne Honn Chris Overmon Jennifer and John Meilinger
Brad and Leighanna  Worley Walt and Cookie Farley Paige and Charles Wallace
Mary Burns Jennifer Peedin Tara and Jared Johnson
Robbie Parrish and Shannan Williams

We are grateful for our generous donors!  Thanks for helping us build the beer garden and we can’t wait to share a pint with you!